Claude Giroux sustains serious skate cut to back of leg (VIDEO) [UPDATE]

Claude Giroux sustains serious skate cut to back of leg (VIDEO) [UPDATE]
Claude Giroux sustains serious skate cut to back of leg (VIDEO) [UPDATE]


Wasn't as bad as it looked. He's one lucky little leprechaun.

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The Philadelphia Flyers could be without the services of Claude Giroux for a while after the captain sustained a significant skate cut to the back of his leg, possibly to his Achilles tendon.

Giroux and Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Justin Faulk are going after the puck in the corner boards. As the puck leaves area, Giroux turns to skate after it and Faulk's skate makes contact with the back of Giroux's leg. Here's the video ...


Giroux attempted to get up right after the blade made contact, but he fell back down on the ice. The referee whistled the play dead as soon as he realized what happened.

As the training staff made it out to the ice, Giroux laid on his belly. He was helped to all fours and his leg was held in a sideways L-shape as they pushed him off the ice. The trainer recognized that the injury was serious enough it required the full medical facilities of the home team's locker room.


The Flyers stated they would update Giroux's status after the game.

We'd be hard-pressed not to think of Erik Karlsson's Achilles cut when watching the clip above. This incident is clearly an accident, though. What might be Giroux's saving grace is that the skate sliced the back of the leg instead of a driving downward pressure wound.

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