Classic NHL 99 video game intro invaded by the Russians (Video)


EA Sports’ “NHL 99” isn’t often mentioned in the pantheon of greatest hockey video games of all-time, at least not in the same breath as a game-changer like “NHL 94”.

But what they did have for systems like PlayStation and Nintendo 64 was one of the most memorable opening videos in the history of the series, especially if you place David Bowie’s “Heroes” on an altar and worship it as a seminal rock classic (like yours truly does). 

Take a look back:

Chillllls. That CuJo save. All day, all night.

Now, we know what you’re asking: Would this intro be improved if it featured a collection of marginal talents, below-averaged goaltending and foreign announcers? 

The Kontinental Hockey League provides the answer in this recreation of the “NHL 99” intro.

As the KHL writes on YouTube: “Here's a little fantasy on what hands down best sport intro in the history of video-gaming would look like if EA Sports NHL 99 had used KHL highlights.” 

OK, so they couldn’t figure out how to erase some of the glowing NHL logos from the graphics, although there is a bit later in the video where it’s a collection of glowing KHL logos.

We’d actually love to see EA Sports tackle a KHL video game. Especially a Be A Player mode.

“You are a free agent; do you choose: AHL or KHL?”

“Congratulations! Your hat trick has earned you a second paper bag stuffed with small bills in your locker!”

“Sorry, your team has suddenly folded for a year. Perhaps you'd care to play in Omsk (YES/NO)?”




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