Classic fight video: Boston, Montreal in huge postgame brawl

Because of the pacifist nature of the Stanley Cup playoffs and the end of the season, we haven't really had a reason to post a solid NHL donnybrook lately. Sure, we had that stick-swinging bit of chaos from a nondescript European league, but nothing that featured the violent fury of the NHL.

We've seen footage of this Feb. 17, 1988 postgame brawl between the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins before, but never this clean. John Kordic and Jay Miller were the main event, trading some vicious blows. But the real highlight is Stephane Richer of the Habs attempting to jump into a fight and getting body-slammed to the ice by Raymond Bourque -- probably for his own protection.

There really won't be anything more beautiful you'll see today than the aerial shot of the Bruins and Habs skating slowly around the carnage on the ice, as the announcer says "and so it has ended."

Don't confuse this one with that classic from 1986 in which the team actually fought in the tunnel. God, what a rivalry. By the way, Montreal's Sergio Momesso missed some time after this one because he suffered a deep cut on his right leg during the brawl.

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