Cirque Du Soleil acrobat becomes human flag to support Vancouver Canucks (Video)

Darren Bersuk spent seven years with the Canadian national gymnastics team, competing in two World Championships, among other events. Like many gymnasts, he's found a second career as an acrobat for Cirque Du Soleil, where he's been wowing crowds with his staggering upper body strength and balance for another seven years.

A resident of Vancouver, Bersuk is also a Canucks fan, and he's put his otherworldly talents to use in one of the most creative and bizarre fan videos you're going to see.

Word to the other hockey fans making videos: step your game up. Oh, you're writing a song to support the home team? This dude has turned himself into a human Canucks flag, setting up beside the Roger Nielsen statue at Rogers Arena dressed in blue and green and hanging off a post.

Where's your commitment? Why aren't you a human flag right now? Get it together.

The best thing about human flags is that they don't just flap in the breeze. They can, if necessary, kick opposition fans in the face. Human flags > Regular flags, is what I'm saying.

s/t to Pass it to Bulis.

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