Chronicles of Stanley: Darryl Sutter brings Cup to the farm

The Chronicles of Stanley is an occasional series this summer that tracks the Los Angeles Kings as they each get their special alone time with the Stanley Cup.

Los Angeles Kings Darryl Sutter wasn't home for this year's Farmer's Day celebrations in Viking, Alberta because he was tied up with the Stanley Cup Final. "It's like a big picnic with coolers," he informed the media the morning of Game 5 against the New Jersey Devils.

It wasn't quite Farmer's Day, but Sutter did hold a celebration over the weekend at the farm as it was his turn to host the Cup. And as is any celebration at a farm there tons of pictures, plenty of fiddling and, of course, cake:

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Darryl became the third Sutter brother to win the Cup, the first as a coach, with brothers Duane (four times) and Brent (twice) earning their rings as members of the New York Islanders dynasty teams of the early 1980s. All six of the seven first generation Sutter brothers who played in the NHL made it for the celebration:

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Sutter also visited a senior citizen home as well as a community center, continuing the tradition of including the local residents as part of the celebration. "It's good to bring it home," Sutter said. "A lot of people that I knew when I was a little boy are in the lodges here, in extended care, and I bring it to the hall so that a lot of the kids could get to see it. It's special for me. A special place."

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