Chronicles of Stanley: Jonathan Toews gives kids best day ever in The 'Peg

The Chronicles of Stanley is an occasional series this summer that tracks the Chicago Blackhawks as they each get their special alone time with the Stanley Cup.

For the third time, Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews brings the Stanley Cup home to Winnipeg.

In 2010, there was a massive celebration in the city for their native son. In 2013, Toews spent much of his day with Stanley on the water near his cottage in Kenora, Ontario. In 2015, the captain went very low key. You know, acting like he's been there (three times) before.

He starts the day by thoroughly confusing a child, showing up at the kid's house with The Cup.

Courtesy of the Chicago Blackhawks
Courtesy of the Chicago Blackhawks

With a hoard of children following he and Stanley, they led the way to an impromptu ball hockey game. Like the good citizen (and Messier Leadership Award presented by Bridgestone winner) that he is, he uses the crosswalk to get to the game. It just so happens to create his version of the Abbey Road album cover:

Toews also made stops at a local ice rink and a couple celebrations in his honor. The most heartwarming moments came while Toews visited kids at the Children's Rehabilitation Foundation. He makes each fan feel like they're the only one in the room.

Via Chicago Blackhawks
Via Chicago Blackhawks

Here's the video of the day from Blackhawks TV. Count how many times Toews smiles. You'll need more than just your fingers and your toe(w)s!

Best day ever for these youngsters? Probably. Who knows when the Cup will actually be won in The 'Peg. Might as well rely on Toews to bring it back multiple times.

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