Chris Pronger's puck-stealing plans foiled by Habs' Brian Gionta

Love him or hate him, the NHL could use more characters like Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger(notes).

When the former Hart and Norris Trophy winner decided to add "puck stealer" to his Hall of Fame resume during last spring's Stanley Cup Finals, it was another quirk that polarized fans. You either loved him being a jerk and deflecting attention from his team that was down in the series, or you thought it was just one more reason to hate a guy who can play the villain role so well.

Tuesday night, "Clepto Pronger" returned after the Flyers lost 3-0 to the Montreal Canadiens.

From's Pierre LeBrun:

So, remember last season's Stanley Cup finals when Chris Pronger tried to keep the game puck away from the Chicago Blackhawks after a few games, angering the opposition. There was the Flyers star blueliner Tuesday night trying to keep the game puck away from the Canadiens, who wanted it for goalie Carey Price(notes) and his shutout. Habs center Scott Gomez(notes) and captain Brian Gionta(notes) chased down Pronger and got it from him.

Price was so concerned about the whereabouts of the puck after the game that when Gionta handed it to him, he flipped it to a child in the stands and said afterwards he didn't care about it.

After the game, Pronger spoke about his failed attempt at puck thievery and how what Price did with the puck was exactly what his plans were:

Had it been a playoff game, we would be eagerly awaiting a Montreal newspaper's Photoshop attempt to one-up the Chicago Tribune's "Chrissy Pronger" poster from last June. Maybe a two-for-one photo spread with Danny Briere(notes), who was booed all night at Bell Centre.

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