Chris Pronger’s sophomore yearbook picture sweater was slightly louder than Chris Pronger (PHOTO)

Puck Daddy

Over on Y! Sports' NASCAR blog From The Marbles, Jay Busbee has a lovely high-school yearbook image of Danica Patrick that confirms we would have chased her around the track a few times as a classmate. The picture comes from a before-they-were-stars site called Snakkle; naturally, we were curious if there were any NHL players to be found.

No such luck. Although we did find that gawky dork from your chemistry class who would crack you up with bad jokes as a lab partner, but was prone to fits of rage when the Bunsen burner would malfunction:

A.K.A. Chris Pronger of the Philadelphia Flyers, shown here "during his Sophomore year of 1988 at Dryden High School in Dryden, Ontario, where it looks like he's gotten a head start on losing teeth," according to Snakkle.

Check out the rest of the nine-player gallery over there, presented in entertaining "Who are they" slideshow form. (Is that director Eli Roth in that first image?)

As always, Puck Daddy also endorses NHL Players As Kids on Tumblr, one of the greatest time suckers since Al Gore invented the Internet. Why? Because Max Talbot, that's why.

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