Chris Chelios makes Hall of Fame call ‘no Gary Bettman’ zone

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman will be invited the Hockey Hall of Fame induction ceremony his year as he has been in previous years. It might be a perfect opportunity for Bettman and recently elected defenseman Chris Chelios to finally hug this thing out.

Please recall back in 1994, when Chelios had this interview, in which he openly wondered about Bettman’s safety and the safety of his family:

Chelios later apologized.

In 2005, Chelios said that Bettman should “get the gas” after the 301-day lockout ended. Bettman, you’ll recall, is Jewish.

So they don’t exactly have the sunniest relationship. Hence Chelios’s reaction to this question on a Hockey Hall of Fame conference call with other honored members elected in the Class of 2013:

Q. Way back in the that first lockout, you became well known for a quote about Gary Bettman. I know that you apologized right away. What was it like when you finally saw him, and do you guys joke about it to this day?

CHELIOS: “Let’s not mention that name on this call. This is a good day.”

Hope no one shows him the induction ceremony guest list …