Chris Chelios and Eddie Vedder form karaoke super-band, sing ‘The Weight’ in Chicago bar (VIDEO)

Music has a long history of supergroups: The Traveling Wilburys. Cream. Toto. But here's a star pairing that might come out of left field: Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder and retired NHL great Chris Chelios.

I submit, for your viewing pleasure, a video of the two Chicagoans giving The Band classic "The Weight" the karaoke treatment at Stanley's Kitchen & Tap in Lincoln Park.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the impromptu performance came after someone tried to karaoke a Vedder original, prompting the Pearl Jam frontman to storm the stage and stay there. From the Chicago Tribune:

It all began when one bar patron opted to sing Pearl Jam's "Alive." Vedder joined him on stage and turned the song into the duet, much to the delight of half the bar. I hear the other half of the bar was too in the bag to realize what was happening.

The Evanston native sang around five songs, including The Band's "The Weight" and The Who's "Baba O'Riley" (aka "Teenage Wasteland"). He took a break afterward but would return to join another patron who was struggling through his respective song.

Eventually, he was joined by Chelios and MLB pitcher Kerry Wood, with whom he was partying, for the standard karaoke take on "The Weight," which involves mumbling through the verses, which nobody knows, then belting out the chorus. (It's pretty much the same way people karaoke "Cat's in the Cradle" and "Breakfast at Tiffany's.")

This episode raises an important question: With Eddie Vedder and Chris Chelios doing karaoke at bars in Chicago, why would Patrick Kane have to go to Wisconsin to party?

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