Chicago’s new NHL team nickname is pretty hardcore, courtesy of CBC (Photo)

In an unprecedented move, the National Hockey League allowed its Chicago franchise to change its team nickname just two games into the postseason, in an attempt to convey to their opponents just how rough and tough they really are.

That, or someone at CBC Sports forgot to clear out a template with some hilarious results before Game 2 between the St. Louis Blues and the Chicago “Unsportsmanlike" on Saturday:

Full stop: That’s actually an incredible name for an NHL team.

Picture Oakland Raiders-like jerseys and a starting lineup of Raffi Torres, Patrick Kaleta and Zac Rinaldo, coached by Bob “Orchestrated Line Brawl” Hartley.

Picture the scene on draft day: “It’s been my dream every day since I was a child to become an Unsportsmanlike …”

If nothing else, we’re down with this name for the eventual irony party if one of the Unsportsmanlikes ever wins the Lady Byng …

This was a great gaffe. But it's still not the best flattering graphic blooper in NHL history ... right, Gary Roberts?

s/t Ian