Chicago Blackhawks fans need to stop weaponizing their beer (Video)

The Chicago Blackhawks ask their players to Commit To The Indian. It’s time we ask Blackhawks fans to Stop Disrespecting The Suds.

It wasn’t enough that a Chicago fan rushed down and stole the helmet from Adam Pardy’s head after the Winnipeg Jets player crashed through the United Center glass earlier this month. No, then his sidekick – the Harley to his Joker, the Salacious Crumb to his Jabba – had to run down and pour an otherwise delicious arena beer on him too. For shame!

Now comes this video via Busted Coverage, featuring a Blackhawks fan (in a fabulous headdress … Daniel Snyder would be proud) once again misappropriating a brew while watching Chicago visit the Nashville Predators last Saturday.

Watch as Chief Tossabrewer soaks a Predators fans during an upper deck altercation.

Obviously, someone wasn’t happy with the 7-2 humiliation the Preds hung on Chicago.

Alas, the video leaves us hanging. The disrespected Predators fan begins his revenge journey down the stairs as the woman next to him either attempts to pull him back or say ‘GO GET’EM TIGER!’ We imagine the scene ended with the Blackhawks fan being launched from the upper deck onto the ice like a catfish. Or with the ushers stepping in and defusing the situation. One of the two.

In a related story, good to see those anti-Blackhawks fan countermeasures have worked in Nashville. I don’t want say there were a few Chicago fans in the cheap seats, but it looks like they were a city tour bus and an inebriated Patrick Kane away from it looking like a Stanley Cup parade.