Chicago Bears win Stanley Cup, according to Korea Times (Photo)

The 2015 Stanley Cup Final lacked a few things – a Game 7, an overtime, Steven Stamkos – but for us here at Puck Daddy, it lacked what has become a tradition when non-hockey media dabbles in the NHL: Hilarious gaffes involving unfamiliar teams and players.

See also: The Los Angeles Sacramento Kings.

Luckily, The Korea Times has come through like Patrick Kane in a Cup-clincher with the headline above, telling its readers that the Chicago Bears have, in fact, captured the first Stanley Cup in the NFL franchise’s history.

Here's the full front page:


Obviously, this is a goof anyone would have made, what with the words “Chicago Blackhawks” right there in the lead and without a single bear in photo featured with the story. Although Corey Crawford’s beard was starting to enter grizzly territory.

Alas, the Golden State Warriors denied us the chance to finally see a "CLEVELAND BROWNS CAPTURE CHAMPIONSHIP" headline in the Korea Times.

s/t Dave Schrader via Romenesko