Charlie Coyle played with two separated shoulders in Wild’s playoff run

Charlie Coyle played with two separated shoulders in Wild’s playoff run

Shooting a puck with a separated shoulder must hurt with the burning intensity of a thousand suns. Shooting one with both shoulders separated … well, that’s hard to even imagine.

Perhaps we can ask Charlie Coyle.

The Minnesota Wild forward had seven points in 13 games, skating 17:50 per contest. He did so with what Michael Russo of the Star Tribune reports were separated left and right shoulders.

From Russo:

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It was very noticeable to me in Chicago that he was playing hurt in Game 5, and last night, it was very apparent he was having trouble catching passes and stick-handling. A few times, he went to the bench and grimaced visibly, so much so that I mentioned it on Twitter.

Says everything about the talented kid, don't you think?

Yeo said after the game, "The way that our young kids performed, I’m very proud of them. ... You’ve got guys that are getting needles to numb the pain. They’re battling through an incredible amount so what you see out there is only scratching the surface of the way they’re paying the price, physically, mentally emotionally, like I said it’s hard to win."

No word if Coyle did the old Mel Gibson in “Lethal Weapon” trick and slammed his shoulders against a wall to pop them back in. It’s a really neat trick to use when getting out of a straight jacket.


Playing through two separated shoulders … hockey players are really, really tough.

Uh-oh … we’ve tripped the LeBron James Vs. Hockey Players Ridiculous Toughness Comparison Photoshop Alarm!

Mooney's right, we have to put a stop to these preposterous stereotypes. I mean, Coyle totally eats at McDonald's too.

(Please note this is a goof on that meme. Because that T.J. Oshie one jumped the shark.)