Charlie Coyle’s hit to the head of Matt Stajan: worthy of a suspension? (VIDEO)

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Late in the second period of Tuesday night's Calgary Flames-Minnesota Wild game, Matt Stajan retrieved a puck in his own zone and attempted to dump it out via the glass. It didn't go far, but moments after he released the puck Wild rookie Charlie Coyle continued in to finish his check and ended up catching Stajan in the head with a shoulder:

The call on the ice was wrong -- a five-minute major for elbowing -- but that didn't really matter as the punishment did meet the crime as it was late and a direct shot to Stajan's head. There were no late, sudden movements by Stajan and the contact with the head was not part of a follow through on Coyle's check. And, again, it was late.

Stajan returned to the game, but Coyle will likely be discussing this play with Brendan Shanahan and the Department of Player Safety sometime in the next 24 hours as it violates Rule 48.

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