A chance for Senators to right their (jersey) wrong

It might have been a few months, but please recall those lovely third jerseys that the Ottawa Senators debuted this season. Sorry for bringing that memory back.

The SNES, sorry, I mean Sens' new look went over like Jim Balsillie at the annual NHL Christmas party. In the wake of the fan movement to change the Toronto Maple Leafs logo, Ottawa has one of its very own, one that could inspire change.

Jacob Barrette has close to 1,000 names on an Internet petition calling for the Senators to go for more of a vintage feel and showcase the "O" logo that currently resides as a shoulder patch. Barrette told the Ottawa Citizen that the current incarnation of the Senators hasn't made the connection between today's fan and the team's long history:

"I just think it's a good way to promote the history of the team and its roots in Ottawa," says Barrette, who owns a graphics design company and teaches graphic design at La Cité Collégiale. "I think they've done a good job of promoting the team towards kids, but I think they're lacking a bit in celebrating the heritage of having an NHL team in Ottawa."

Over at The 6th Sens, they caught a video on the Senators' web site of COO Cyril Leeder talking about improvements to ScotiaBank Place, including a new team store. The video featured artist renderings of the new shop that included the current jerseys as well as Barrette's "O" look.

We here at Puck Daddy support the "O" movement and look forward to the day that the "SNES" jersey are long forgotten. What is a Sen anyway?

I think if we did a Pass/Fail on changing the "Sens" jersey, it'd be 100% "pass", but what are your thoughts on this alternate solution to Ottawa's third jersey issue?