Celebrating Halloween with the ghastliest hockey hits

(Ed. Note: Our "5 Reasons I Love Hockey" fell through for today, so we'll pick up the fun next Sunday. Instead, here's another ... er ... "unique" aspect of puckhead fandom.)

Our favorite hockey Halloween-like decorations, non-Jason Voorhees division? Either that Flyers fan with the Devils head or the infamous image of the Toronto Maple Leafs fan waiting for his team to win the Cup.

That was until Puck Buddy Joe G. from Burbank sent over his lawn decorations for Oct. 31, inspired by some of the most recent and most devastating hits in the NHL: Like Detroit Red Wings defenseman Niklas Kronwall's(notes) destruction of Martin Havlat(notes) of the Chicago Blackhawks in last season's conference finals.

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Coming up: It's the graveyard of punishing checks.

From Joe G., the story behind the decorations:

"Since the day Nic Kronwall killed good old Marty Havlat, my friends and I always toast to him: 'To Marty Havlat, a full and healthy recovery!' we say, then take a swig. It's been a small inside joke, but even now our non-hockey following friends join in -- although they don't know exactly what they are toasting to.

"Recently, we have gladly extended our thoughts to Kyle Okposo(notes) (preseason casualty) and now Jonathan Toews(notes). Even though they are not out for the season or saw minimal time lost, you'd never guess by the absolute wreckage left behind in the game footage.

"'To Marty Havlat! A full and healthy recovery. RIP Kyle Okposo, RIP Johnny Toews. And of course one for our old drinking partner Theo Fleury(notes).

"Now, for Halloween - we pay our respects on our front lawn. RIP boys...RIP."

Indeed. Here are the other tombstones mentioned, with the New York Islanders' Okposo getting Phaneuf'd:

And Toews taking one from Willie Mitchell(notes) of the Vancouver Canucks:

Again, send over any hockey-themed Halloween stuff you have up on the homestead; and, in the comments, please do share anything you've done hockey-wise for Halloween in the past.

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