Case against Mike Milbury dismissed due to lack of evidence

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Last Friday, it was reported that Mike Milbury had been charged with allegedly assaulting a child at a local hockey rink. The report stated that Milbury had "verbally berated and grabbed and shook" the alleged victim.

This Friday, The Boston Herald has reported that all the charges against Milbury have been dropped. From the Herald:

Milbury's legal team announced this afternoon that a clerk magistrate at Brookline District Court has ruled there is not enough evidence to move ahead in the case.

Milbury addressed the media right after saying the incident was just "an unfortunate misunderstanding."

Friday, Friday, charges thrown out on Friday.

I'll admit I'm a little disappointed. Not because I have any ill will toward Milbury -- simply because I wanted to see the shoe from his famed fan attack entered into evidence. I've seen lawyer shows. I know how it goes. (Defense: "objection!" Prosecution: "It goes to character, your honour.")

Instead, Milbury will have the dream weekend: Christmas with the family and the assault case dismissed.

And here's the good news for you Milbury acolytes out there. You won't have to wait long for his triumphant return. The Herald, again:

When asked when he will be back on the air as a hockey analyst, Milbury said he was saving his voice for "Christmas caroling."

His attorney, Mark Berthiaume, said the magistrate ruled there was no probable cause to take the next step in court.

"Mike and his family are are happy to move on," said Berthiaume. "Mike will be returning to work on the air very, very soon."

One assumes that Milbury's comeback will be unlike Sidney Crosby and Claude Giroux's comebacks. Those guys had four points. Milbury very rarely has one, amirite y'all?

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