Carrie Underwood joins Vince Vaughn as Green Men celeb target

When Sully and Force, better known as the Vancouver Green Men, appeared on Puck Daddy Radio Thursday, they told Wysh and Pizzo they would be in attendance for tonight's Game 2, and gave a warning to singer Carrie Underwood, the wife of Nashville Predators forward Mike Fisher.

As they've done in the past with actor Vince Vaughn -- including Wednesday's Game 7 against the Chicago Blackhawks -- the Green Men took a cutout of Underwood and dressed her in a Canucks jersey, plastering it on the glass next to the penalty box as Jordin Tootoo was serving a first period minor:

The Green Men are hockey's secret during the regular and once the Canucks make it to the payoffs, Sully and Force become international phenomenons, doing interviews and promotions all over the place, like their spot on ESPN's E:60 last week.

Their silly little antics don't take away from the game itself and is nothing but harmless fun, with some NHLers even enjoying their act.

That's why it's maddening to hear Glen Healy report on tonight's "Hotstove" segment on Hockey Night in Canada -- after turning up the volume on his "curmudgeon" button -- that the NHL has told the boys in spandex that they can no longer touch the glass while an opposing player is in the box.

Given their creativity, we fully expect Sully and Force to be able to work around these new restrictions.

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