Carrie Underwood 'banned' by Ottawa radio station after Fisher trade

You knew it was inevitable. The second the news broke that the Ottawa Senators traded Mike Fisher(notes) to the Nashville Predators -- home of the music that's made his wife famous -- the "Yoko Ono" labels were going to start flying in the direction of country/pop singer Carrie Underwood.

Ask Janet Jones. She's an expert on the subject.

An Ottawa radio station kicked the backlash off, declaring Thursday that they would no longer be playing any Underwood music on their station.

From the Toronto Sun via QMI Agency:

The New 105.3 KISS FM is vowing that someone is going to pay for the "betrayal to our community" and that someone is Underwood.

"We know Mike Fisher is not to blame for this trade but feel he was lured away from Ottawa by a country-music superstar. Sure, she's pretty. Yes, she can sing. But can she play hockey? Can she put one on the top shelf with a slap shot? No!" said the station.

True to its word, not one Underwood single was listed in its playlist and program director Gayle Zarbatany said the ban is in effect forever.

"This is a wretching announcement and the city is completely upset," she railed.

"He's been here for 10 years, he's the second most popular player and it's awful."

Always a good sign that your hockey team is off the map when the city is more upset at the wife of a now-former popular hockey player than where the team is in the standings.

The story went viral when gossip blogger Perez Hilton bellowed, "They're in love! Let them be!" in covering the station's decision. CTV covered the "ban" as well, with comments slamming 105.3 FM.

Writer Jeffrey B. Remz of the music site Country Standard Time, however, was wondering about one aspect of this story: Did the station in question even play Carrie Underwood songs? From CST:

The only "problem" is that radio station, 105.3 KISS FM, in Ottawa never played Underwood to begin with.

Radio station Program Director Gayle Zarbatany said the "decision" to ban Underwood was made "when we heard Mike Fisher had been traded."

When asked how often the station played Underwood, Zarbatany said, "'s the deal, the reaction we're getting is mainly outside of Ottawa because they don't know our radio station. We're a Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Pink station."

"The reaction has been massive, and most people when they find out we don't play her, get the tongue-in-cheek. We never played her because we're not a country station."

Oh, radio stunts ... never change. In the end, the winner in all of this is still one person: Mike Fisher.

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