Carey Price’s near spit-take in NHL All-Star Draft after Lupul pick (Video)

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With their seventh pick of the 2012 NHL All-Star Game Fantasy Draft, captain Zdeno Chara and assistant Joffrey Lupul wanted to take a goaltender. Lupul, a Toronto Maple Leafs forward, decided to reach across enemy lines and select Carey Price from the arch rival Montreal Canadiens.

Needless to say, Price may not have anticipated the selection:

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Nothing like getting your name pulled with a mouth full of, ahem, beverage. Alas, the greatest spit-take in recent sports history did not come to pass.

Now where's the handshake for Captain Chara, Mr. Price? We'll just chalk it up to the confusion in the moment, not the bitter and deep animosity between the Bruins and Habs. Right?

UPDATE: Price said he didn't see Chara, and that he gave Chara a "point" and told him that he felt bad about not shaking his hand. Chara took the blame, saying he was looking down at the computer. So there you go.

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