Card Bored: Never bargain with a drunk guy over Peter Forsberg

"Card Bored" is a regular feature that chronicles Sean Leahy's adventures in the nostalgic joys and unintentional hilarity of the hockey card industry.

There was an old guy in my neighborhood growing up who would sell sports cards out of his garage all year long.

Instead of having tools and other Home Depot-esque toys, he had boxes of cards all over the place. He didn't even seem to be that big of a sports fan, but my buddy Andrew and I enjoyed visiting him because we bought so many cards at ridiculously low prices, and made trades that would make the sale of Manhattan look reasonable.

This is why we called him "The Drunk Guy."

It wasn't obvious that he was drunk when we visited him, but he seemed a little off and we concluded with the one-sided transactions we were making that there had to be something in his afternoon cup of java.

(And, for the record, our relationship with "The Drunk Guy" did not go the way of Arnold and Dudley's with the bike shop guy on "Diff'rent Strokes.")

My best transaction with him occurred one winter afternoon in 1995. I happened to get in a conversation with him about Olympic hockey and I began waxing poetic about the famous Peter Forsberg goal on Corey Hirsch in the 1994 Games in Lillehammer. Mr. Jenkins (at least that's what we thought was his last name) turned around and dove into a storage cabinet he had full of card. He pulled out a box of Upper Deck cards and on top was a 1994-95 Forsberg Electric Ice card in a Quebec Nordiques jersey.

It was a thing of beauty, and even better was that the Electric Ice cards were about worth about 10 times more than the standard base card. I paid $2 for the card, thinking that in 10-15 years, I'd flip it to help pay off a college loan.

Today, my investment has doubled to a whopping $4, after seeing how the card is selling on eBay. It looks like this Peter Forsberg is the one deal "The Drunk Guy" won.

2007 Crime Prevention cards - Niklas Backstrom

Promotion giveaway cards are always fun; so here is the Minnesota Crime Prevention Association's "stolen property" card featuring Minnesota Wild goaltender Niklas Backstrom. Not only do they include some basic info on Backstrom, they also try scaring kids straight into making sure they don't possess stolen property.

1989-90 Topps - Randy Cunneyworth

For the longest time I thought this version was the "error" card. Apparently, there's some cards floating out there that have him on the Penguins and this one, with the drawn-on Winnipeg Jets garb, is the corrected version. No wonder The Drunk Guy never wanted to buy this one from me.

1993-94 PowerPlay Hockey - Ray Bourque

I never bought these cards myself, mainly because their size pissed me off. There weren't any top loaders or binder sheets that could fit these oversized cards. Someone bought me a pack once as a gift and I was pretty excited to find a Steve Yzerman inside, but then I quickly realized it'd only be useful to me as a bookmark.

1992 Topps Stadium Club - Wayne Presley

Mr. Presley would like you to know the following:

- He scored 32 goals in a season once.
- Madonna wore those gloves during her "Blond Ambition" tour.
- NO ONE, and I mean no one, rocks the denim like Wayne Presley.