Card Bored: Forget gum; hockey cards need dinosaur teeth

"Card Bored" is a regular feature that chronicles Sean Leahy's adventures in the nostalgic joys and unintentional hilarity of the hockey card industry. Have a funny hockey card story? Then send it our way

One of the hottest trends in the sports card industry over the past decade has been the inclusion of piece of game-use equipment and apparel into individual cards. The most commonly used artifact has been jerseys, cut into small swatches and inserted within the card.

Baseball card maker Allen & Ginter took things to another level when they added pieces of hair from George Washington into a card.

This takes us to the upcoming Upper Deck Champs hockey set, named after the 1924/25 Champs Cigarette Company of Canada set. Included among the various inserts are a first for the sports card industry: fossils.

Yes, that's right, real live (well obviously dead) fossils.

If you've ever wanted an actual trilobite or dinosaur tooth that didn't come from Chris Chelios, then keep an eye out for this set coming soon from Upper Deck.

Chris Pronger 1995-96 Be a Player Signatures

Here's Wyshynski's favorite hockey player doing his best GAP model imitation. At the time, Be A Player had only the National Hockey League Players Association license and not the NHL license, and therefore could not feature any team logos. That's the reason Saku Koivu looks like he's sporting a local beer league jersey in his card.

Mark Messier 1981 Esso

I just wanted to help our younger readers remember how Messier looked with actual hair. And how confusing is the text for the first way to win the contest that's listed on the card?

Wayne Thomas 1976-77 Topps

Thomas was a decent NHL goaltender until one fateful day in practice where he took a slap shot to the twig and berries from Darryl Sittler. From then on out, he changed his goalie style from standup to semi-fetal.

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