Capitals’ Wilson ejected after light-speed boarding of Brayden Schenn (Video)

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Earlier this evening, we looked at Kyle Quincey's hit from behind on Ryan Getzlaf, which seems likely to draw some attention, and maybe a suspension, from the Department of Player Safety.

That is, unless Quincey's hit is overshadowed by this arguably worse hit from behind courtesy Tom Wilson of the Washington Capitals on Brayden Schenn of the Philadelphia Flyers:

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Schenn left with a likely concussion, which makes sense, because… good Lord.

Wilson was given a five-minute major for charging, and a game misconduct, as well as another five minutes for fighting. And he'll get more once the Shanahammer comes down.

Here's the thing: Schenn turns as Wilson approaches, and that's bound to be a divisive, and potentially mitigating factor. But I'll bet you that Wilson could have adjusted to this sudden movement and made a clean, shoulder-to-shoulder hit instead of boarding the Hell out of him if he wasn't traveling at warp speed. Seriously, it's a wonder he didn't enter hyperspace.

This is a dangerous, reckless charge, and there's really no excuse for it. Wilson's going to miss time. On the bright side, if he can go this fast, it's possible he can reach 88 miles per hour and travel back in time to this afternoon. Then maybe he can warn himself that the hit he throws on Brayden Schenn in tonight's game is a stupid idea.

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