Canucks fans postpone wedding to get married at Game 2

During their run to the Stanley Cup Final, Vancouver Canucks fans have exhibited zealous devotion and fanatical behavior in rooting for their hockey heroes — from original songs to spandex body suits to unexpected nudity.

Canceling your wedding for the Canucks? That really ups the ante.

But Sandi Fox and Sam Fisher had a compelling reason to postpone their May nuptials.

In April, The Province and Best Buy Canada ran a contest that asked what fans were willing to do in order to win suite-level tickets to a playoff game. Thousands of entries were received; the finalists included a guy who dressed up like Lady Gaga to work at his lumber yard and a woman who performed a "mini-biathlon" in Vancouver.

Fox, 33, and Fisher, 36, were also finalists, with Fox having made a rather bold pledge: For playoff tickets, they'd postpone a wedding on the beach and instead get married at the Canucks playoff game.

When their promise was selected as a contest winner, earning them tickets to a Rogers Arena suite for Game 2 of the Final on Saturday night, they postponed their official nuptials two days before they were scheduled to occur.

From the Globe & Mail:

The wedding ceremony will take place at Rogers Arena during the first intermission. A commissioner will marry the couple, who will both be dressed in traditional wedding garb, but with a few Canucks-themed additions.

"I got my Canucks nails done today — they're half-blue, half-white with a green stripe in the middle," said Ms. Fox, laughing. "I'll have blue, green and white flowers and maybe throw in some coloured hair extensions.

"He'll be in a suit, but he'll have a Canucks jersey on underneath."

In reality, the wedding wasn't exactly "cancelled," as the paper reports the couple went through with a "faux wedding" in late May at the Boathouse Restaurant on English Bay. But there was no ceremony or official signing of papers, so Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final between the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks will be the "big day."

Derek Jory of writes that the couple also receives a Canucks jersey and a $500 Best Buy gift card … along with one incredibly unique wedding album and 18,000 party guests, of course. Congrats to the happy couple. Don't let Alex Burrows near the cake.

Bride photo by Ric Ernst, PNG; wedding garter via Etsy.

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