Canes have beef with local rapper

Local rapper (and noted actor) Tyrone Banks has found himself in a legal spat with the Carolina Hurricanes over use of a promotion song he made for the team in 2007. The song, "Carolina Hurricanes", appeared in the RBC Center during stoppages of play, in a television ad and online video but that seems to be the beginning and end of the relationship between the team and rapper.

The Canes are now suing Banks claiming that the rapper is marketing the song in a way that make it seem as if that relationship still exists. The federal lawsuit claims Banks' referring to the song as "the official Carolina Hurricanes song" as well as sporting the Erik Cole(notes) jersey you see to the right in promoting, violates their trademark. Initial attempts to by the Canes to resolve this issue saw some progress, but not enough:

"The Hurricanes sent Banks a cease-and-desist notice in February and he responded by removing the term "official" or "anthem" from his Web site and added disclaimers, according to the suit. But the Hurricanes complained that Banks is still seen wearing a Hurricanes jersey in promotional material and said the franchise has been damaged by the unauthorized use of trademarks."

I'm not a lawyer, so I don't know how this song that most people hadn't heard outside of Carolina "damaged" the franchise. But if the Canes want to sue anyone for damages, how about Evgeni Malkin?

If you're interested in hearing the song in question, do check out the the full version at Banks' MySpace page.

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