Canadiens give puck to young fan, then scare crap out of child (Video)


Few things bring a smile to a young hockey fan’s face more than seeing one of their heroes toss a puck over the glass to them during warm-ups.

Look at this Montreal Canadiens fan on Tuesday night, as Dale Weise flips into the stands … and right into the hands of a nearby adult. Uh-oh.

Via My Regular Face

Fear not: This was not another incident lie that doofus in the Member’s Only jacket who swiped the puck away from a young Pittsburgh Penguins fans and then taunted him.

This adult did the right thing, and handed the puck to the ‘lil Habs fan. Nice work. Look at that kid! Hugging the puck like it’s the single greatest thing the child's hands have ever touched, a feeling that for some us continued on through most of college ...

Of course, we can’t all be adults. Sometimes, we’re Brendan Gallagher, who later scared the bejesus out of the young fan by tapping the glass as he skated by.

That might be the greatest “heyyyy what’s da big idea?!” look we’ve ever seen.

And yet for a kid wearing a Brendan Gallagher jersey, getting agitated by the man himself is probably a life achievement.


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