Canadiens brave haunted house, get living crap scared out of them (Video)

While sending two of your players into a haunted house might seem like more a Mike Keenan move, it was the Montreal Canadiens that dispatched forward Brendan Gallagher and defenseman Nathan Beaulieu to La Maison Rouge at La Ronde for some Halloween thrills.

And it. Was. Awesome.

Here are a few things we learned from this video of The Haunting of Gallagher and Beaulieu:

1. Gallagher drops a “DAMN YOU, CLOWN!” that should become a meme if there’s any justice in the world.

2. Leave it to two guys coached by Michel Therrien to try and game-plan a system to prevent spooky ghosts from emerging from doors.

3. It takes a good 2 minutes and 25 seconds before Gallagher unleashes a flock of F-bombs in front of a scary painting.

4. When Gallagher gets scared, his voice sounds somewhere between a Jason Spezza giggle and an Alpine yodel.

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5. Meanwhile, Beaulieu’s laugh during the tensest of times simply says “FEED ME MORE FRIGHTENINGS!!!”

6. “What was that?” Then Gallagher’s almost defeatist lament: “Spiders…?” Classic.

7. About 5:55 in, Beaulieu has this look on his face that we all eventually get when lost in a haunted carnival: “Am I going to die in here?”

8. At the end – spoiler, they survive – Beaulieu’s “that sucked … I hated that so much” was just perfect. Gallagher, meanwhile … well, we hope he brought a change of pants.

So, in summary, these are grown men who face 100 MPH slap shots every other night but are scared of clowns.