Aleksandra Wozniak, Canadian tennis star, ‘slams’ Canadiens for cutting boyfriend Louis Leblanc

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The Montreal Canadiens made one of those big preseason culls Monday night, trimming their training camp roster down by 14 players. Mostly, they said au revoir to a bunch of guys that didn't really have a shot to make the club, anyway.

But there was one name among the group that stood out: Louis Leblanc, the Canadiens' 1st round draft pick from 2009. Leblanc played 42 games for Montreal in 2011-12 and, at 22 years old, probably figured he'd get a real opportunity to make this year's team. Instead, he was shuttled off to the AHL's Hamilton Bulldogs along with the Joonas Nattinens and Sven Andrighettos of the Canadiens' organization not long after camp began. Sick burn.

This didn't sit well with his girlfriend, Canadian tennis star Aleksandra Wozniak, who clearly believed Leblanc caught a bad "break", and that the curiously short tryout wasn't his "fault". So the five-time Canadian female tennis player of the year took to Twitter to "slam" the club and call out their "unforced error". From 25 Stanley:

In other words: "Let" Louis play. (Tennis jokes!)

Of course, since this is the Canadiens' organization she was railing against, she also rage-tweeted in French.

"Une vrai joke avec la pire excuse pour "cuter" quelqu'un!! Vraiment pas un 'fair shot'! Trop de manipulations! Super nouvelle organisation!"

I don't speak French, but I don't think you have to in order to capture the spirit of that tweet. Something about the Canadiens not giving Leblanc a fair shot, and being a manipulative, super bush-league organization.

Unsurprisingly, the tweets have since been deleted, because having your celebrity girlfriend publicly calling your employer names isn't a good conflict resolution strategy. Probably best to just play well in Hamilton and hope to earn a call-up.

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