Canada to have black third jersey in Sochi Olympics?

Regarding the new Team Canada Olympic jerseys, Roberto Luongo told the media the other day – while dodging the question of their quality like Neo would Agent Smith’s bullets – that he saw three different jerseys from Nike.

Three? We’ve already seen the leak of the red jersey, which one assumes will have a white counterpart. So what might the third jerseys look like? According to Icethetics sources, Canada’s third jerseys are going to be … black and yellow.

Seriously, we know Sidney Crosby’s all important and stuff, but should Canada really dress like the Penguins on special occasions?

From Icethetics:

On a tip provided by a secondhand source, I asked frequent Icethetics concept contributor Steven Grant to illustrate his interpretation of the tipster's description. While I'm not able to publish the description provided to Icethetics, I can tell you that Steven has done an excellent job bringing it to life.

It’s obviously an improvement on the leaked jerseys, which is saying something considering the scourge of inappropriate black jerseys in all sports; then again, it isn’t saying much, considering a hypercolor T-shirt from 1988 would have been an improvement on the leaked jerseys.

As was pointed out in the Icethetic comments, Team Canada has sported black alternates before, including the women’s team’s “Livestrong” jerseys that looked like a photo negative of their actual jerseys.

There’s probably some story Nike will concoct to explain these black sweaters should they come to pass; we imagine it has something to do with some ancient traditions from the natives, or Team Canada’s apparent desire to look like an MLS team.

Unless of course this is some epic trolling, and Canada is just reminding the U.S. of its Olympic men’s hockey gold medal count ...