Cam Neely to appear in Dumb and Dumber sequel, maybe alongside Milan Lucic (Report)

"Dumb and Dumber" is remembered fondly for a number of reasons. The Mutt Cuts car; the most annoying sound in the world; the fact that it came out during Jim Carrey's heyday in the mid-90s, before he got kind of lame.

Plus, arguably the greatest hockey cameo of all time, Cam Neely's turn as the ragey Sea Bass in a classic scene:

And now that Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey are filming the long-awaited actual Dumb and Dumber sequel as we speak, the first question on the minds of hockey fans was "Is Cam Neely back too?"

Back in July, Neely said he would like to reprise the role upon learning Sea Bass had been written into the sequel, and now, according to reports from and Jim Carrey Online, he's signed on to do it.

But the best part is this tidbit from Jim Carrey Online:

Rumors have been swirling that Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic will also make an appearance in the movie as the son of Sea Bass.

This is something Lucic has been pushing for for quite some time. Knowing the sequel was in the works, he approached Bobby Farrelly about writing in a part for him to play. From Boston Magazine:

A life-long Bruins fan, Farrelly said he would have to ask his brother about the opportunity, but said it would probably work, and they might be able to make it happen. “We were talking to him about playing son of Seabass. They look alike, they are both from Vancouver,” said Farrelly. “[Lucic] said, ‘Listen, I heard you’re going to do a sequel to ‘Dumb and Dumber.’ I want to be son of Seabass.’ I looked at him and thought, ‘You know what? That’s not a bad idea.’ Because he looks a lot like Cam, plays a lot like Cam. I’ve got to convince my brother. We need to figure out a way to make it work.”

Yes. Please.

Considering Lucic has been hailed as the next Cam Neely for ages, this would be the most inspired and appropriate casting choice since Harold Ramis as Seth Rogen's dad in "Knocked Up".