Calm down: They won’t be called the Winnipeg Whiteout

On May 9, True North Sports and Entertainment applied to register "whiteout" as a trademarked word in Canada. This is because the "whiteout" was a Winnipeg Jets tradition (which traveled with the team to Phoenix) in which every fan in the arena would wear white during a playoff game. We assume they're also huge Kate Beckinsale fans.

Since the former Atlanta Thrashers reached their 13,000 ticket goal in the time it takes a hummingbird to flap its wings, attention has turned to what the team will be called. This trademark application sparked speculation that, in fact, that name will be the Winnipeg Whiteout.

Which is, let's face it, a terrible name.

First, because you can't imagine a draft pick standing on the stage saying he's proud to be a "Whiteout," which is the first test for any sports moniker. Second, because the name will inevitably be shortened to Whites or Whiteys, and … well, you can understand the subtle nuanced problems with that. (Also, the Fightin' Whites are going to have beef.)

Fear not, those holding out for them to be the Winnipeg Jets (again). The Winnipeg Free Press reports they will not, in fact, be called the Winnipeg Whiteout:

True North, in fact, has registered the name "Whiteout" with the Canadian Trade-marks Database of the federal government. It did so on May 4.

But it has done so, True North's Scott Brown. said, only to protect future use of the phrase or term if and when it's needed. The whiteout was the mark of playoff fever in the NHL's previous stay in Winnipeg.

Brown said that Whiteout will not be the new name of the Winnipeg NHL team.

Oh well. We'll always have these rather fabulous concept jerseys from Puck Drawn that look like they could have been worn by the Winnipeg ABBA. But we do feel a little sad for the proprietors of, who probably felt like they hit the Powerball jackpot for a minute there.