Cal Clutterbuck has a black face during Islanders Yankee Stadium skate (Photo)

So … uh … Cal Clutterbuck, ladies and gentlemen.

That’s the New York Islanders forward at the team’s Yankee Stadium practice on Tuesday, ahead of their Stadium Series game on Wednesday night.

As you can see, it was during the day. Lots of glare. Lots and lots and lots of glare. Really, only one way to combat all that glare that might affect your cheeks and chin. Which is to take the eye black and put it all over your face. The black. On your face.

The Islanders tweeted that “Cal Clutterbuck has gone for the war paint look with his eye black”; and who among us hasn’t seen a multitude of photographs depicting native warriors with what appears to be shoeshine on their faces, save for two large circles around their eyes?

So … Cal Clutterbuck then.

What he lacks in glare, he'll more than make up for in glares.

Unrelated: Raffi Torres has yet to appear in an outdoor NHL game. Also, Tyler Bozak is kicking himself right now for a missed opportunity in Ann Arbor.

UPDATE: Katie Strang of ESPN asked Clutterbuck about the black all up on his face: "Cal Clutterbuck said he didn't mean for eye black to be offensive in any way. Said he tried applying it and just got out of control."