After Burish’s hockey video game apology, others we’d like to see

As many of us are devoted hockey video gamers, we've all likely had a time or two when something happened during a game -- whether CPU or human error -- that's cost us a victory.

Just last week, my one-timer attempt by Kris Letang(notes) ended with a broken stick and the Boston Bruins transitioning for the eventual game-winning goal during a playoff series in my "NHL 11" franchise.

One hockey video gamer experienced his own moment of electronic anger recently when playing against the Dallas Stars. While on a 2-on-0 breakaway, Stars winger Adam Burish(notes) came back and interfered -- costing the poor kid the game.

Rather than tossing the controller against his flat screen, the fan decided to email the team and demanded an apology from Burish himself.

The email prompted a response from the man himself ... on video. Coming up, Burish's message and other hockey video game apologies we’d like to see.

Here's Adam Burish:

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With that, we thought about some other apologies we'd like to see from previous hockey video game players. Such as ...

Skinny Guy from "Nintendo Ice Hockey": "I apologize for falling on my ass when anything with the force of rodent flatulence hits me."

Evgeni Nabokov(notes) from "NHL 09": "I'm sorry I never got that hole in my glove fixed before world championships."

Referees from "Blades of Steel": "Sorry for calling penalty shots if you commit a foul near the goal crease."

All Goaltenders from "NHL '93": "We apologize for getting schooled by the deke move over and over and over again. Honestly, it's the computer's fault."

Player You Created in "Create a Player" Mode: "Sorry you felt the need to create me with a '100' in shot power and a '40' in agility; you obviously had no idea I'd turn out to be Adam Foote(notes)."

Corpses on the ice from "Mutant League Hockey": "Sorry about getting in the way of your bribing of the referees to call penalties."

Shawn Chambers from "NHL '93": "Sorry about having a 1 rating. It's all Mario Lemieux' fault."

James Wisniewski(notes) from "NHL 2K11": "Sorry I showed you where to stick your Wii-mote."

And finally ...

Jeremy Roenick(notes) from "NHL '94": "I have nothing to apologize for because I was [expletive] awesome."

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