Curling team's LA Kings 'Burger King' outfits make fashion statement (Photo)

Photo via @mariebuck on Twitter

The Hollywood Curling team needed to wear something fierce at Arena Curling Nationals in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

They needed to wear something to strike fear into the mortal hearts of their opponents from Pittsburgh. So of course they put on their custom made Los Angeles Kings ‘Burger King’ outfits for the match.

“We wanted to get in their heads because they were clearly sports fans and Steelers fans and Penguins fans, and we thought we would get in their heads a little bit wearing our LA Kings stuff,” curler Liza Beres said.

Sadly, they lost to Pittsburgh, but they won the internet by showing off their awesome garb.

For non-hockey fans, the uniform looks like the next generation logo of the home of The Whopper. For hockey fans, it harkens back to a bygone era … of a uniform from 1996 that was both mocked and loved at the same time.

The logo/uniform combo wasn’t simply bad – like the Nashville Predators mustard jersey or the New York Rangers white statue of liberty uniform.

It had more spunk. More pizazz. That certain ‘je ne sais quoi.’ You look at such a logo/jersey combo and cringe while falling in love at the same time. Sort of like a non-famous movie we here at Puck Daddy all enjoy. Our friends at The Royal Half wrote the definitive piece on the ‘Burger King’ and showed the incredible likeness of the logo to the weird looking Burger King mascot himself.

The outfit was the brainchild of Casey Fox, a Hollywood Curling club member who created it for people who use the LA Kings Valley Ice Center in Panorama City, California for arena curling.

A couple of years ago, Fox got hooked up with a curling company called Fox Glide, which has the ability to make custom style performance sportswear.

For whatever brilliant reason, he thought the ‘Burger King’ would look cool and worked with Fox Glide on the design.

“I immediately thought ‘some day at some point we need to do a Burger King jersey’ because it would look fantastic,” Fox said. “It has been knocking around in the back of my head for a while.”

Here is the proof of the jersey provided by Fox:

Photo submitted by Casey Fox
Photo submitted by Casey Fox

According to Fox, about four different teams with Hollywood Curling ordered the ‘Burger King’ outfit.

So when the team currently in Cedar Rapids, which also includes Marie Buck, Cindy Wood and Jennifer Gamboa along with Beres, entered Arena Nationals, they decided on the ‘Burger King’ as one of their outfits. Also, as you can tell, their kilts also have the Kings logo, made by Woods.

“Because we all are Kings fans, we have the nostalgia of the past and the ‘Burger King’ jersey, and that’s why we all wanted to wear them,” Gamboa said. “It’s just an awesome, awesome jersey.”

Arena curling is different than traditional curling. People use a skating rink to play, rather than a dedicated facility, so teams tend to use rough ice that was skated on earlier.

In markets where curling isn’t a big sport, like California, it’s a way for players to still play the game they enjoy.

“This event is to bring a number of curlers who want to be competitive who maybe don’t have enough practice time or don’t have high enough quality conditions at their club to get really competitive against some of the high performance curlers,” Beres said. “This is the top level for this type of event.”

OK, O.C. Curling, it’s on you to make a Wild Wing outfit.


EDITOR'S NOTE: The Royal Half's review of the outfit:

"These uniforms could have easily become a 'LA Lakers-on-Ice' disaster but instead these ladies left no curling stone unturned as they perfectly nailed the grey gradient of the shoulder sash of the Burger King jersey... something even the Manchester Monarchs were unable to pull off last year! 

"But sadly, they crossed the backline with the current LA Kings logo-inspired skirts. The black and silver is a nice nod to the Kings' past but they should have said 'Skip' to including the current logo. 

"Overall, it's a great look. I give it 4 purple beards out of 5!"

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