Here’s a bunch of [crap] no one ever says about the NHL (Video)

Puck Daddy

The "S—t Nobody Says" viral video trend has spread its pungent humor into several genres via YouTube. Hockey being the least meme-resistant sport on Earth, the NHL has now been swept up in this tidal wave of snark.

Here's a general, cynical and humorous look at the League titled "Sh*t Nobody Says (Hockey Edition)," created Pittsburgh Penguins by fan Taylor Haase:

"You know, the rafters in the Verizon Center are getting' pretty full." Funny and ironic!

Meanwhile, the video humorists at Kings Cast (remember the "Waiting for Kovalchuk" series?) have laser-focused the trend to "Sh*t Kings Fans Don't Say."

Drew Doughty captain joke? Right all night. Mark Hardy babysitting joke? So, so wrong …

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