Buffalo Sabres fire sale leftovers include ‘HOT HOT HOT! RED HOT!’ Ryan Miller! (Video)

Please recall back in March when the wonderful people at The Trending Buffalo created a commercial parody highlighting a Sabres fire sale right before the 2013 NHL trade deadline.

With Thomas Vanek and Ryan Miller still members of the team (for now), they have become leftovers from the spring fire sale, with the Sabres goaltender HOT HOT HOT ... RED HOT!

"He's like a bald eagle, draped in the flag, playing country music, while an eating apple pie." That's how American Ryan Miller is. That's even more American than Lambert.

Despite the on-going fire sale, Sabres general manager Darcy Regier said over the weekend it appears Miller will be staying with the team until at least training camp. But there's still time for Regier to pull off a deal to get rid of Miller. Because remember, the number one rule of fire sales is: EVERYTHING MUST GO!

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