Buffalo Sabres fire sale! Everything must go, and their prices are INSANE! (Video)

Obnoxious commercials for retail stores are the best, because I genuinely feel that the proprietor is losing his or her mind, and their prices will reflect that insanity.

One can only imagine, based on the following commercial parody, what the Buffalo Sabres would sell their assets for at the trade deadline. Ryan Miller for a 6-pack of Rolling Rock? Drew Stafford for a bag of magic beans? Ville Leino for … well, the Sabres might give you a first-rounder to take that contract. They're IN-SANE! Enjoy the First Niagra fire sale!

Well, you don’t have to shout, sir. We heard you the first time.

Can’t believe they’re even selling the anthem singer. Could imagine how bad things would have to get in Boston for them to sell Rene Rancourt?

s/t Dave

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