Buffalo Sabres, make ‘Let Me Clear My Throat’ your goal song

The Buffalo Sabres are holding a fan vote to determine what their goal song for the 2015-16 season.

“Let Me Clear My Throat” by D.J. Kool is in the final four.

And it has to win.

Look, I know your first inkling is that this is, at best, some “Vote For Rory” irony or, at worst, my alleged hatred of the Buffalo Sabres allegedly manifesting itself in an alleged plot to stick them with a stupid goal song. And roughly 83-percent of the time you’d be right.

But I swear to Mogilny’s Deke Move that my intentions are true here: “Let Me Clear My Throat” needs to do this team’s goal song.

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It’s not even a debate. Every other song is Weather Channel smooth jazz in comparison.

Watch the video. Tyler Ennis scores. Huge horn blows. And then the “Let Me Clear My Throat” horns kick in, and any time you hear horns like that on a goal song you’re evoking the classics – like “Brass Bonanza,” the “Citizen Kane” of goal songs. (Spoiler: Rosebud was Kevin Dineen.)

Then we get to that sax loop, and it’s just a party. I want to see 18,000 fans doing the Ed Lover Dance:

And I want to see Tim Murray doing the white-man’s overbite in the GM box.

Another thing about the sax loop: It’s unique and just annoying enough that the opponents will be sick of hearing it in a blowout, “Chelsea Dagger” style.

Here’s the cherry on the sundae: The way the bracket is set up, half the songs were chosen by local radio stations and the other half by the players. And “Let Me Clear My Throat” was selected by the players. GIVE THE BOYS THEIR FLIPPIN’ SONG.

Vote early, vote often Sabres fans. I swear, if you make this happen, I’ll buy an Eichel jersey. Hell, I’ll buy a Kaleta jersey.