Budweiser sells Winnipeg Jets beer with Manitoba water blessed by hockey fans

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Just when you think the euphoria (and revenue-producing opportunities) surrounding the NHL's return to Winnipeg might ebb, along comes a limited run beer featuring local water blessed by hockey fans.

Beginning on Monday, Budweiser will release 24,000 two-fours of Winnipeg Jets Fan Brew — which comes in specially marked cans and a certificate of authenticity to assure the beer-swilling public that this beer does use, like, Saskatchewan water.

(Check out the can design here; the one shown on this post is from earlier this season.)

From the Winnipeg Free Press:

Back during the euphoria of the Jets' home opener on Oct. 9, Budweiser took water from historical landmarks in Winnipeg, including The Forks, the MTS Centre and the Manitoba legislature, put it in a container and took it around town to be blessed by hockey fans.

Some of that water was even poured onto the ice surface at the MTS Centre by Jim Ludlow, president and CEO of True North Sports & Entertainment.

That's awesome, while also something that makes us grateful for the brewery filtration process. Does Nathan Horton have any of that Boston Dirty Water left from the 2011 Finals, or did he empty it all on the ice? Because Sam Adams would be all over that.

Said Dan Chubey, district sales manager of Labatt Breweries of Canada, which produces Budweiser in Canada:

"The brewing process for the fan brew is identical to the regular Budweiser brewing process. We took the water from Winnipeg and transported it to our brewery in Edmonton that has been brewing Budweiser for 30 years," he said.

Hey, that's really … EDMONTON? This was brewed in Edmonton?! Great, now it's going to taste like Gretzky coaching the Coyotes.

Seriously, though: This is just another example of the off-the-charts fervor that's embraced the return of the Jets and led to their rather impressive 18-9-3 home record — a mark that potential No. 6 seeds in the East should keep an eye on if, per chance, the Jets win the Southeast.

Here's a video shown at MTS Centre about the whole blessed Manitoba water thing.

What kind of beer would you like to see your NHL team brew?

s/t Solo for the tip.

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