Brutal head shot in IIHF game between Kazakhstan, France under review for suspension (VIDEO)

Watching this clip from the world championships in Helsinki, we're sure Brendan Shanahan is relieved he doesn't have jurisdiction over the IIHF. What kind of Shanaban would this head shot by Sacha Treille of France on Roman Starchenko of Kazakhstan earn?

From the IIHF, after France's 6-3 win:

The game was marred by a devastating hit to the head by Sasha Treille on Roman Starchenko. Treille was given a major and match penalty, and the hit will be reviewed by the IIHF's disciplinary committee with any further decision coming tomorrow morning. In all, the game featured 63 penalty minutes.

According to Rule 540 from the IIHF:

Rule 540 - Checking to the Head and Neck Area — A player who directs a check or blow, with any part of his body, to the head and neck area of an opposing player or "drives" or "forces" the head of an opposing player into the protective glass or boards, shall be assessed at the discretion of the Referee, a minor and a misconduct penalty; a major and game misconduct penalty; or a match penalty. When injury occurs, a match penalty must be assessed.

Starchenko's head was down as he skated with the puck, and his head also appeared to bounce off the ice upon impact. Boy did that hit look ugly.