Bruins fan mayor loses bet, gets Canadiens logo inked on bald head

Keith Hobbs is the mayor of Thunder Bay, Ont., and a self-professed Boston Bruins fanatic. Danny Foresta, one half of “Danny and Laura In The Morning” on Thunder Bay’s 91.5 FM, is a Montreal Canadiens fan.

So they had a friendly wager on the teams’ Atlantic Division final, one that ended with the Habs upsetting the Bruins. Hobbs had to pay up, and the price was … HIS HEAD.

Well, the side of his head, at least.

(Via Leith Dunick of Thunder Bay Source)

Hobbs had a Canadiens logo spray painted on the side of his head on Tuesday morning, which should have made for interesting times as an elected official in Leafs country.

And while it wasn’t the permanent tattoo that someone with real confidence in his team would have wagered, it’s also not something lame like changing your Twitter avatar.

Hobbs had the Habs tattoo on the side of his head and the name of the artist's business on the back. (Via Facebook)

Congrats to the mayor for following through on the wager. But then again, he seems like a man of honor. As he tweeted following Milan Lucic’s Handshake Line of Murder Threats in Game 7:

“If I was the Boston Bruins GM I would order Lucic to line up on ice before the Habs game tomorrow and shake hands properly!”

If this man isn’t prime minister material …

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