Bruins fan gets Tyler Seguin’s autograph tattooed because that’s not weird or anything (PHOTO)

Puck Daddy

Outside of losing some demonic wager that was made in a whiskey haze at a sports bar, we can't think of a single situation in which we'd get someone's autograph tattooed on our bodies.

And yet here's a Boston Bruins fan that, we assume, willfully committed to getting Tyler Seguin's scribble permanently displayed on his flesh:

This image was spotted on Barstool Sports (NSFW language) and passed along the web by Joe Haggerty. It features Seguin's autograph preserved on … what, an arm? The top of a knee? We'll go with arm.

Also, we're assuming it's Seguin's autograph, and not a 3-year-old child attempting to write "Friday the 19th".

So there you guy: a dude with tattoos autographs a dude with tattoos and it becomes a tattoo. Meanwhile, that poor townie with the Phil Kessel ink is on his 15th laser surgery to transform it into "Dougie Hamilton" in time for the Calder ceremony.

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