Bruins Bear, Boston players star in hysterical Christmas Spectacular spoof (Video)

Remember the Boston Bruins Bear?

Of course you do. It’s the lovable unofficial mascot that explained the rules of fan etiquette and later starred in “Bear And The Gang”, a 1980s-style sitcom parody featuring anthem legend Rene Rancourt and Brad Marchand.

Well, it’s the holiday season, and in true 1980s sitcom fashion, it’s time for a very special episode: “The Bear And The Gang The Christmas Spectacular,” which really has to be seen to be believed:

There’s so much amazing in this video, which kicks off Season 2 of “The Bear And The Gang”:

• Brad Marchand reading “Who’s a Pest?”

• Zdeno Chara and the tree.

• Dougie Hamilton as … Dougie Hamilton.

• Loui Eriksson lost in the snow.

• Whatever the heck Claude Julien was doing.

We were ready to hand the Stanley Cup of Hockey Holiday Videos to the San Jose Sharks for their “office Christmas party”, but the Bruins came back strong here.

If for nothing else, they may win the day for this: