Brief history of hockey mascot Internet dance fads, after Gangnam Style hits Blue Jackets

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With nothing else better to do, the Columbus Blue Jackets unleashed the irresistible Stinger on an unsuspecting public recently. His mission: Help recreate the "Gangnam Style" video that all the cool kids are doing now that they stopped doing "Call Me Maybe" parodies.

If someone had told us that a symptom of the NHL lockout would be watching a few chubby dudes riding fake horses in a sauna, we swear on a stack of Ken Dryden's "The Game" that we would have forced a settlement in June.

Otherwise, an awesome effort by the Jackets, brightening up a dreary lockout-filled day. Although we will echo the thoughts currently banging around in your heads:

Needs. More. Boomer.

The Blue Jackets aren't the only team that's latched onto a passing dance craze. Here's a brief history of hockey mascot Internet dance fads. If you know of any more, hit us at

And here … we  … go.

This is T-Bone, the San Antonio Rampage's mascot, dressing in drag and dancing to Willow Smith's "(I) Whip My Hair (Back And Forth)."

The entire thing is redeemed by T-Bone's "ice worm" towards the end, although it is a shame that his performer is protected by a plush layer of costume and therefore can't get their flesh stuck to the arena playing surface. (Cue "A Christmas Story" tongue/pole scene.)

Remember "Numa Numa"? Of course you don't.

It was an Internet phenomenon from around eight years ago, and the BBC claimed it was the second most-watched Internet video of all time (since surpassed by anything involving cats, getting down on Friday and stunts gone wrong).

Anyway, here's the recently laid off Stanley C. Panther, getting his Numa Numa on for the Florida Panthers.

Here's an SAT question: "Comedians : Air Travel Jokes as Hockey Mascots : _______"

The Dougie. The answer is The Dougie, as performed here by Blizzard, the Evansville IceMen Mascot.

If you're a mascot that hasn't performed The Dougie in the last two years, you're doing it wrong. Someone should teach you. Teach you how to Dougie, teach you teach you how to Dougie.

Dance fads are a lot more palatable when the mascot surrounds him.

So kudos to Chubby and the CheckMates from the Charlotte Checkers, doing the LMFAO "Wiggle Dance."

Not every dance crazy has occurred during the Internet age. So kudos to Thrash, the Atlanta Thrashers' mascot, for getting his Elvis on while dancing to "Jailhouse Rock" in a 2008 game.

Alas, Thrash was killed, cooked and consumed by the family of former majority owner Michael Gearon soon after the team relocated to Winnipeg.

Say, have you been to a wedding or Bat Mitzvah in the last several years? No doubt you are familiar with the "Cha-Cha Slide", performed here by Pucky of the MK Lightning, a English Premier Ice Hockey League team.

For the record, Pucky might be the single most adorable mascot we've ever seen. He's like Nathan Gerbe-wearing-a-hand-knitted-sweater adorable.

Further proof: Mascot Macarena from Pucky!

It's Pucky's dinosaur arms that really do it for us.

How can we forget this viral favorite, previously featured on Puck Daddy?

The Calgary Flames' flash mob tribute to "Thriller"; the video cuts out right before Craig MacTavish, Zombie Hunter runs out and rips out the tongue of Harvey The Undead Hound.

Finally, there's really only way to end this trip through hockey mascot dance fad history: Louie — incidentally Sean Leahy's favorite mascot — doing his spin on the Evolution of Dance during a St. Louis Blues New Year's Eve game.

And obviously, he's pretty excited about it.

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