Brian Elliott’s new mask ready to break free from lockout (PHOTO)

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St. Louis Blues goaltender Brian Elliott has had a common theme on his masks for some time now: Casey Jones from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It wasn't that Elliott was such a big TMNT fan, he just was looking for a theme and loved the idea of a hockey-player-turned-crime-fighter.

(Bummer, right? We were hoping to maybe see some love to Splinter in the future.)

Coming off a career season that included an All-Star Game appearance, Elliott will be in the middle of an extension he earned if the NHL returns before the end of 2014. When that happens, he'll have a new mask featuring Casey Jones breaking through the chains of a lockout.

Via In Goal Magazine:

The mask, like others in Elliott's collection, was painted by HeadStrong Grafx and features the St. Louis Arch and a shot of Casey Jones' face on the left side.

Maybe someday we'll actually get to see Elliott don this mask during an NHL game. Someday.

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