Brian Burke’s hair: The top 10 people and things it now resembles

Puck Daddy

Ever since joining the Calgary Flames, Brian Burke’s hair has gotten as much notice as his search for HIMSELF a new general manager.

His introductory press conference featured mad scientist hair like he just stepped out of a DeLorean looking for Marty McFly. Subsequent appearances have yielded similar reactions, and occasional apologies from his children via Twitter.

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On Wednesday night in a game against the Anaheim Ducks, we reached the next evolution of Brian Burke’s coif, which prompted son Patrick to respond “YES I KNOW ABOUT HIS HAIR.”

Now that’s in full bloom, Puck Daddy proudly counts down the Top 10 People And Things Brian Burke’s Hair Now Resembles:

10. Sonic The Hedgehog

Perhaps the most frequently cited response, despite the fact that Burke hasn’t exactly been collecting rings lately.

But if we’re going small mammals …

9. An Albino Porcupine

… this is, perhaps, a more appropriate comparison from a color contrast perspective.

8. Fiber Optic cable

His hair is able to transmit data at a rate of 111 gigabits per second, provided none of it involves corsi or fenwick.

7. A Majestic Swan

A creature whose sheer beauty obscures a propensity for rage and an affinity for violence.

And the other is a swan.

6. Blanka

In which we’re currently fitting Kevin Lowe for his M. Bison uniform.

5. A Spaceball Officer

Mandatory “hair helmet” joke.

Although, ironically, we’ll wager it’s Burke that’s probably bellowed “I’m surrounded by A-Holes” as some point in his career. Or every day.

4. Quicksilver (Via CalderPenguin)

The comics one. Not the “Age Of Ultron” one or the “Days Of Future Past” one.

3. Robyn

This, despite the fact that we’d never expect Burke to Call The Union.

2. Jack Frost

As portrayed by Martin Short in “The Santa Clause 3: The Clausening”, a forgettable sequel to a previous classic.

See also: Mike Cammalleri’s second stint in Calgary.

And finally …

1. Michigan Wolverines Helmet Logo (via Sunaya)

Someone took his love of American NCAA players a bit too far …

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