Brian Burke re-joins Anaheim Ducks as scout, leaves Leafs scrambling for a new consultant

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The Brian Burke era is officially over in Toronto.

It was, of course, mostly over when the Leafs dismissed Burke as their General Manager in January, but Burke remained with the Leafs as a senior adviser, whatever that meant. Now, Burke has actually made an organizational shift, joining the Anaheim Ducks as a part-time scout.

"We have granted permission and we will terminate his consulting contract with MLSE so that he can pursue this role with Anaheim," said MLSE president Tom Anselmi.

That's right, Toronto. What goes around comes around. You plucked Burke from Anaheim. Now they've plucked him back. Good luck filling that vacant consultant's chair.

It's a step down from the last job Burke held within the Anaheim Ducks organization. Burke was the General Manager of the club for three years, guiding them to a Stanley Cup in his second. Among his moves: acquiring Chris Pronger. Signing Scott Niedermayer and Teemu Selanne in 2005. Trading Sergei Federov for Francois Beauchemin, who later returned and remains a staple of the Ducks' blueline.

Burke's run in Toronto may have tarnished his reputation some, but it was where it once was because of the work he did in Anaheim. It only makes sense to return there in order to do the same. And really, the only knock against Burke's tenure in Anaheim was that he left the Ducks prospect cupboard bare. Now he can go make that right.

Plus, it's basically as far as away from Steve Simmons as he can get without leaving the continent.

So what will Burke bring to the Ducks? Just a hunch, but their future is about to see an influx of truculence, pugnacity, and Americans.

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