Brendan Shanahan disciplines Nazem Kadri with benching (Video)

Brendan Shanahan disciplines Nazem Kadri with benching (Video)

So apparently Toronto forward Nazem Kadri did more than just oversleep Sunday? Team president Brendan Shanahan made what was classified as a ‘surprise’ address to the Toronto media Wednesday morning.  And he intimated that Kadri’s issues were more than just tardiness for a team meeting Sunday.

Citing that there was a ‘history’ with Kadri, Shanahan said that Kadri would sit the next two games for disciplinary reasons. He had already been sat one.

Said Shanahan.

"The easiest thing to do would be to sweep this under the rug. We would not be doing Naz a service if we did that."

Added Shanahan:

“This is a moment when I player has to look in the mirror and make some decisions."

Here is the full video of Shanahan

Per Leafs coach Peter Horachek:

"Sometimes you have to make the hardest decisions (that) are based on doing the right thing for the team."

Remember that Kadri said he slept in, sounded apologetic about the situation, and appeared to take his punishment and not have a major problem with it? Yeah, there was clearly more involved.

This is Shanahan’s first known ‘Shanaban’ with the Leafs as the leader of the organization. If he did a DoPS style video on this, it would probably go like:

‘As the video shows, Nazem Kadri forgot to press the hour button one more time, causing him to sleep…’

So what is this history? Why this type of punishment? Apparently Shanahan didn’t go into more detail on anything in regards to Kadri. It was a total drop the mic moment.

If Toronto wanted to trade Kadri, a young player with potential who had 44 points in 48 games in the 2013 lockout year, this summer this doesn’t help much. Though maybe the Leafs are taking the Evander Kane example from Winnipeg and realize there’s some GM out there willing to give up a lot for a player with a “past” or whatever you want to call it. Hey Buffalo's Tim Murray, what are you up to these days?

Shanahan did say Kadri was an important part of Toronto's future.

Also, this just keeps Toronto in the news for negative reasons for even longer. Also, why Kadri? And why now?

So what’s going on with this long-term contract they were reportedly talking about? Oh, it’s the Maple Leafs. This is starting to feel like Edmonton.

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