Breaking down Tuesday’s trades; jail time for youth coach; who wins in realignment? (Puck Headlines)

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• At right: Redditor MrBDubz suspects that the authors of his Corporate Finance textbook are hockey fans. I'll go one further. They're Penguins fans, and this textbook was written in 2009. Closer look here: [Reddit]

• Dean Lombardi on the Simon Gagne deal: "Not the same thing, but it’s similar when you move Jack Johnson for Carter because you know you have Voynov coming through. We feel pretty good about our depth up front in the system. So that opens up a roster spots. That’s one of the things very underestimated in juggling, particularly in this shortened season, is juggling roster positions and having access to players. This frees up a roster spot, allows us some flexibility, and obviously gives us some flexibility in terms of space and cash at the deadline." We also would have accepted, he wasn't very good here. [Mayors Manor]

• Decoding the Dallas Stars' acquisition of Erik Cole. Good stuff here. [Defending Big D]

• Jordan Staal talks about his trade to Carolina, and the opportunity to play against former linemates Matt Cooke and Tyler Kennedy in his first game versus the Penguins: "I played with TK and Cookie for a long time. It’s going to be interesting and a unique experience for myself. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Hopefully, we can shut up their chirping by winning the game." [ESPN]

• Who wins in NHL realignment? I say the earth wins, because people will curse it's rotation less now that similar time zone teams are grouped together. Standard D&D logic: anytime you can accrue fewer curses, you're a winner in my books. [SI]

• The NHL's plan for the playoffs under realignment is stupid and mine is great, says this guy. [First Round Bust]

• Ryan Kesler missed Canucks' practice Wednesday and was seen walking around with an air cast. Turns out he broke his foot three games ago. [TSN]

• How the Toronto Maple Leafs are mis-using Tyler Bozak and Mikhail Grabovski. [Leafs Nation]

• McIndoe on the similarities between Nascar and the NHL: "NASCAR: A vehicle known as the "pace car" starts out in the lead and sets the pace before everyone leaves it in the dust and it's never heard from again. The NHL: There's a similar concept, but it's called 'the 2013 San Jose Sharks'. [Down Goes Brown]

• Youth hockey coach Martin Tremblay has really gotten a rough ride since he tripped a 13-year-old in a postgame handshake. 15 days in jail, and the breakup of his marriage. The lesson, I guess, is don't do unbelievably foolish and mean-spirited things? [Prep Rally]

• After being ejected, this player kicks a helmet (and falls on his ass in doing so), then throws a chair in the hallway, scaring two children. It's all very amusing, because he didn't hit the kids. If he had, then probably less so. [Buzzing the Net]

• Damien Brunner appears to be another European gem uncovered by the Detroit Red Wings. [Cotsonika]

• James Wisniewski goes on the injured reserve for the Columbus Blue Jackets. [Blue Jackets]

• Alex Semin's return to Washington, in photos. [RMNB]

• Looking at Boston's cost-to-point ratio, and featuring the most appropriate use of an Adam Sandler gif in the history of the Internet. [Days of Y'Orr]

• Phil Housley could draw interest from the Buffalo Sabres, either as a successor to Lindy Ruff or an assistant. [Twin Cities]

• Dustin Jeffrey fits everywhere on the Pittsburgh Penguins' roster, and thus, nowhere. I say it's karma for signing in the Dutch league during the lockout and then bailing at the last second. You broke Dutch hearts, Dustin. [The Hockey Writers]

• Patrik Elias and Steven Stamkos: good fantasy players, unless faceoffs are a category in your league. [Dobber Hockey]

• And finally, feast your eyes on this gorgeous penalty shot from the KHL. Love this move whenever I see it.

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